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tsutton's Journal

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Tony Sutton
24 August
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So you're interested to find out more about me, eh? Well, let me tell you. My name is Tony and I'm from Norfolk, England (UK).

I work in I.T. Services department at the local College. I work in Systems and do some job that I.T. Services people do.

In my free time, I enjoy creating web sites, going out with friends, doing tech support in various projects, fixing/playing/upgrading my computer. Sometimes I like going out for dinner.

My birthday is on 24th August, so if you're feeling nice, you can buy me something from my Amazon Wishlist.

I run these community... feel free to join & spread the words to your friends!

  • bluejacking Bluejacking Community
  • php PHP Community
  • apache Apache Community
  • hardware Hardware Community
  • software Software Community
  • dvdrip DVD Rip Community
  • radiocontrol Radio Control Community
  • rants Rants Community
  • shadowpeople Shadow People Community
  • arts Arts Community
  • 3darts 3D Arts Community
  • digitalarts Digital Arts Community
  • digitalcamera Digital Camera Community
  • visualbasic Visual Basic Community
  • uea University of East Anglia's Community
  • norwich Norwich, UK's Community
  • norfolk Norfolk, UK's Community

    Well, I think this'll be all... if you have anything to ask, don't be scared to ask... just ask away! :o)
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