Peek a Boo!

Hey you lot

Hello everyone.

Some of you may not even remember who I am, but for you others who does, HELLO. :)

Obviously, as you may have noticed, I have given up with LJ - have not posted since Summer 2009! So that's a good 3 years or so.

I am mostly found on Twitter - @tony_sutton if you wish to follow me for my strange, tech, my car's dashcam videos and other geeky stuff related tweets.

And... erm, yeah that's it. :) Hope to see you on Twitter and if not, hope you all are very well.

Over and out.
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Hello August

Have we lost another month already?

Welcome August. The month of my birthday which is due in a few weeks time. Get saving to buy me some nice presents. :)

The past few days has been busy where we tidied up the house and removed wallpaper from the bathroom as we are having new bathroom being fitted by 3rd Aug for a week. Have taken a week off from work to stay in for them to do the work.

We are excited and looking forward to the new bathroom!

Our new cats are doing well, still mad and playful. And growing fast of course. We have taken loads of photos which we need to sort out someday.

Today, I have been busy with preparing my car for Ford Fair 2009 tomorrow as my car is going on the club stand. Hope to see you at Silverstone tomorrow? :)

Speaking about tomorrow, I need to head to bed as I have to get up early for the long drive to Silverstone!

Hope you all are well. :D
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Brewery Trip

On minibus for the brewery trip - Adnams in Southwold. Should be a good day, sun is blazing hot. Going to the beach and pier afterward.

Minibus journey is making my tummy uneasy. :(
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Latest updates from the man himself. Yeah me.

Hey all. How's things since my last update?

I'm good. Got new kittens 2 weeks ago and man they are sure very hard work! Male as Max (ginger & white) and female as Sam (black and white)

Already been to vet for check up and injections. Then last Friday, Max was limping. Already broken! Lol

Took to vet last sat for a checkup and it turned out that his leg was bitten, more likely by Sam which caused it to swell up. He had a injection and we took some antibodies for us to feed him.

Fast forward to yesterday, Max is much better, can now walk and run properly including jumping.

Went back to vet at their request for final checkup and got the all clear. Paid the fee and made our way home. Need to sort out pet insurance soon!

Who are you with for pet insurance? Tesco came out the cheapest but bad reviews about payout and customer services. Hmm...

Will post photos someday. But if you have me on Facebook, it's there. :)

Work is doing well but has slowed down obviously because of the summer term However we are busy with ding the upgrades so all is good.

Looking forward to 2nd August for Ford Fair and then the week of 3rd Aug, new bathroom being fitted! :D

Am still on the lookout for new camcorder. Did have the Panasonic HDC-SD20 but returned it after 2 weeks of usage. Why? Because it has very poor low light performance. :/

Currently have my eyes on the Canon Legria HF200 but need to read the reviews. Anyone own this camcorder? Thoughts?

Need to do some stuff now...
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Swine flu

Bah, Swine Flu confirmed at work. Only two people so far but they have decided to keep it open. Was hoping they'd close but hey.

Lets hope I don't catch it!
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Terminator Salvation

So has anyone watched the new film yet? I had a chance this evening at Leics Square but the thought of shelling out £15 wasn't worth it!

So will wait until I'm back home and with the subtitled version comes out too.

Today was a good day. And headed straight back to hotel to relax and watch DVD - Planet of the Apes (1968 version) and am planning to watch the 2001 version tomorrow. Thought it was a good movie. But a bit long winded story I think.

Need to start thinking of plans for this weekend.
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Mini tour of London & getting lost

After the training, I spent 2 hours being "lost" in the middle of London and walked around, enjoying the 26C weather.

Decided I had enough and went back to hotel for dinner and watched DVD - Jumper - good film.
I think the walking around yesterday and today has given me a bit of a tan! :D

Weather is saying colder and cloudy tomorrow - boo! Hopefully it will stay nice.

Think I will have an early night...
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June already...

So it's June already. 6 month gone of 2009. Pretty quick.

Last night, I watched 28 Days Later. Tonight, I watched 28 Weeks Later. Enjoyed both of them. Can't wait for 28 Months Later to come out in 2011!

Had dinner at the hotel I am staying in and the food was okay. Thinking to eat out tomorrow as the weather is still nice and warm. So I want to enjoy it :D

Am currently looking around for a new camcorder - what do you people use? I'm looking for HD type, maybe flash based and not tapes, DVD or HDD based as I don't want to carry around discs or tapes. Need to be able to hold up to 2 or more hours of footages. And easy to use/edit!

I have this Camcorder Buyer magazine so will be reading up on that tonight to see if anything catches my eyes.

TV time...
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Another nudge?

Someone nudged me. Yes, I've been lazy and hasn't posted very much. :D

How are you all ladies and gentlemen? Enjoying the rare hot weather we're currently having?

Over the past few weeks has been so chaos! Been busy sorting out the house in preparation for the new kittens that we will be getting in the next few weeks.

Sorting out each rooms and making it cat-proof, I.e. Hiding places where they could do a poo & shit in wrong places lol

Only things we need to do is to buy the litter box, some toys, cat bowls and we're sorted. We already have some cat food and biccy. Think we have covered most things, hopefully.

We saw the kittens yesterday, so cute and tiny! Eyes are open and fur already fully grown so not long to go. Can't wait! :D

For this week, I am currently being trained for some Microsoft product, so looking forward learning new things.

Anyone planning to go on holiday in June? We are thinking but not too sure where to go. Need cheap holiday package ;)

Oh, this morning, we had someone from B&Q round to give us quote for bathroom upgrade and fittings. Price is not too bad but much cheaper than the local bathroom company! So will give it some thoughts, maybe one more quote from another company before deciding who to go with. Joy.

Right, I better stop now and enjoy the lovely weather!
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Car in garage...

Just dropped off my car at Ford for major service this morning.

This leads to my thinking... Should I change my car? Or not yet?

It's a Ford Focus ST170 52 reg with 103,000 miles on it. Yes I do lots of driving. I had this car for over 3 years so far. No major problems, runs very well.

My only worry is if I do decide to sell it, i will not get very good value from it due to age and high mileage. Plus car dealers are tight during this time.

But then since I don't have any issue with this car, maybe I should keep it anyway... Just that it would be nice to have a new car, eh? :D

I do like VW Golf R32, very good price on the used cars market. But insurnce group 18. Hmmm... What else are out there?