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Another nudge? - Tony Sutton
Another nudge?
Someone nudged me. Yes, I've been lazy and hasn't posted very much. :D

How are you all ladies and gentlemen? Enjoying the rare hot weather we're currently having?

Over the past few weeks has been so chaos! Been busy sorting out the house in preparation for the new kittens that we will be getting in the next few weeks.

Sorting out each rooms and making it cat-proof, I.e. Hiding places where they could do a poo & shit in wrong places lol

Only things we need to do is to buy the litter box, some toys, cat bowls and we're sorted. We already have some cat food and biccy. Think we have covered most things, hopefully.

We saw the kittens yesterday, so cute and tiny! Eyes are open and fur already fully grown so not long to go. Can't wait! :D

For this week, I am currently being trained for some Microsoft product, so looking forward learning new things.

Anyone planning to go on holiday in June? We are thinking but not too sure where to go. Need cheap holiday package ;)

Oh, this morning, we had someone from B&Q round to give us quote for bathroom upgrade and fittings. Price is not too bad but much cheaper than the local bathroom company! So will give it some thoughts, maybe one more quote from another company before deciding who to go with. Joy.

Right, I better stop now and enjoy the lovely weather!
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